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Keystone STARS (Standards,Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources, Support) provides families with tools to gauge the quality of early learning programs. T Programs that participate in Keystone STARS care about providing quality early learning to your child.


Early learning programs can earn STAR 1 to a STAR 4 level. At each level, programs have to meet certain research-based quality standards that measure four areas that make a difference in the quality of care your child receives:

  • Staff Education.

  • Learning Environment

  • Leadership Management.

  • Family and Community Partnerships.


As programs move up the STARS ladder, the requirements in these areas increase, from STAR 1 to STAR 4 so your child benefits even more from the program.


At a Keystone STARS Program you should find:

  • Department of Human Services Certificate of Compliance (license).

  • A comfortable place where your child can explore and learn.

  • Laughing, reading and talking which builds language skills.

  • Teachers learning new ways to help your child thrive.

  • A safe, healthy and exciting place.

  • Music, art, science and play activities that increase school readiness.

  • Your child feeling good about himself or herself.

  • Families involved in the program and their child development.

  • Teachers that listen to children and parents.

  • Children having fun together and being respectful of each other.

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