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Relative Provider: Welcome

Relative Provider

You can have a relative of the child, who does not live with the child, care for the child and be reimbursed through subsidy

  • Must be related to the child by marriage, court decree, or blood relationship as a:

    • Grandparent

    • Great grandparent,

    • Aunt / Uncle or

    • Sibling who is 18 years old not living in the same household.

  • The Related Provider must pass background checks listed below.

  • Please contact the ELRC for more information.

To report suspected child abuse go to or call Childline at 1(800) 932-0313.

Relative and In-Home Care providers will need to complete:

  • Federal Criminal History Certification (FBI Fingerprints at an IdentoGO facility)

    • ​CareCheck application (PA Criminal Background Check and PA Child Abuse Clearances)

  • National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) Verification

  • Mandated Reporter Training (free, must print certificate of completion)

  • Attestation Statement of Relationship to Child (signed by both the parent/caretaker and the provider)

Relative Provider: Federal Criminal History Certification


To obtain the federal criminal history certification, you must first be fingerprinted at the Department of Human Services local fingerprint scan center, IdentoGo.  IdentoGo will send your fingerprints directly to the Pennsylvania State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for comparison in their databases. 

You will receive a letter indicating your federal criminal history certification results. You must contact the Provider Services Supervisor immediately upon receipt of these results to schedule a face-to-face meeting.


On-line registration and fingerprint scheduling is preferred. However, if you do not have access to the internet, you can register and schedule an appointment at an IdentoGo location by calling toll-free, (844) 321-2101.

Please complete your fingerprint scan immediately. To register and schedule a fingerprint appointment, navigate to the IndentoGO website at the link below then enter Service Code - 1KG74S


You will be able to find a fingerprint location after you complete your application. You MUST bring proper identification when you arrive at the IdentoGo location. If you do not bring proper identification, the site will not conduct your fingerprint scan.


There is a Cost to obtain the Federal Criminal History Certification that is not reimbursed. 

Relative Provider: National Sex Offender Registry Verification


You will need to access the KeepKidsSafe website at the link below to print the application.  Applications must be submitted to ChildLine using one of the following methods:

  1. Mail to the Clearance Verification Unit, ChildLine to one of the following addresses:

    • Department of Human Services P.O. Box 8170 harrisburg, PA  17105-8170​

  2. Scan the completed application and email to the following resource account:  

    • In the subject line list 'NSOR Clearance Applicant Last Name (i.e, Smith)
  3. Hand deliver to the Clearance Verification unit lobby located at:


You can expect a processing time of 14 days from the receipt of the application at ChildLine. 


There is no cost to obtain the NSOR verification.

Relative Provider: Mandated Reporter Training


You are also required to complete an on-line course titled:

“Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania.”

It will take approximately three hours to complete, and can be accessed at the link below.  


At completion of the training you will be presented with an on-line Certificate of Completion. You must immediately print the certificate. You will need a copy of this certificate to complete your application to be a relative provider.

There is no cost to complete the Mandated Reporter Training.

Contact the Provider Services Supervisor at the State College ELRC office as soon as you receive your fingerprint results and have your Certificate of Completion for Mandated Reporter training to schedule your provider face-to-face meeting.


You are expected to provide to the ELRC at your face-to-face meeting:

  • Your original Federal Criminal History Certification Results letter

  • A copy of your Certificate of Completion


If this meeting is not completed timely, the ELRC will not pay you for child care. The child’s parent will be required to find a new provider.


Other cost may be associated 

Relative Provider: Email Provider Services Supervisor
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