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One of the most important decisions as a parent that you will make is about child care.

Trying to find child care can be hard.  You want to feel that you have made the right decision while you are at work or pursuing an education. When selecting a child care provider there are many things to take into consideration.  You want your child to be in a nurturing environment that promotes learning while being happy, safe and secure. 


On this site, you will find information on the type of child care providers that are available to you, what the benefits of quality care can mean for your child, and what you should be looking for when choosing a child care provider. While some things are a matter of preference, like choosing between a family child care program and a center, others effect your child’s safety and what your child will learn while there.


The ELRC strives to be a single point of contact for families, providers, and community programs to gain information and access services to help families succeed. If you would like some help in deciding what services are best for you, please contact our office.  Someone can help you understand all the options available in your area. You can talk to someone over the phone or meet in person.

Types of

child care


Identifying child care options to help you select the child care services that meet the individual needs of your family.

what to look for in a provider

The best child care arrangements are those that work best for you, your child, and your family.

paying for child care

Child care is one of the biggest costs for families in the United States. If you need help paying for child care, we can help determine if you qualify for subsidy through Child Care Works. 

contact elrc

The ELRC strives to be a single point-of-contact for families, early learning service providers, and communities to gain information and access services that support high-quality child care and early learning programs.

Child Care and Other

Early Learning Programs

You have options when it comes to the care for your child. Whether you need child care or another early learning programs, you can find it here.

To report suspected child abuse go to 

or call Childline at 1(800) 932-0313.

For issues or complaint about your child care provider call 1(800) 222-2117

This video highlights the website where families can search for early learning programs and providers and find information they need to make a decision about child care. Families can also get information on how to apply for child care assistance to help pay for child care expenses.

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