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CCW Updates and Information


In an effort to keep you up to date, please read the following regarding your CCW enrollments, absences, payments and copays.


Effective March 1, 2020 (Updated) through April 30, 2020 all CCW payments to child care providers will be made regardless of program operation or reason for closure. In addition, during this time period, child absences will not count toward the annual 40-day limit. CCW payment will not be made based on children’s attendance in the program, but will be made based on current enrollment.


For the month of March, CCW payments will be made regardless of attendance for 3/1 – 3/31. You do NOT have to mark attendance for ANY days in March. You still have to submit, but you can mark “NO CHANGE” for every child.


If child care closes, the ELRC will NOT suspend children due to the closing of the facility, but allow all children who are enrolled in CCW at the time of the closing to remain enrolled. ELRCs WILL NOT enroll a child with a new provider under any circumstances. The enrollment must stay with the closed provider. This is a directive from OCDEL. If a program operating on a waiver chooses to enroll a CCW family (needing “essential care”), please note that payments will only be made to the program the child was enrolled in on 3/13. The “new” program will NOT receive payment for this child.


OCDEL recognizes that families will also be impacted by changes to their own work schedule and income during child care closures related to COVID-19. Child care providers will not collect the family copays for CCW for the period of the closure. If a provider continues to operate under a waiver or as a group or family child care home in a residential setting, the provider may collect copayments from families whose children are actually in care. A provider who remains open may not collect the copayment from families whose children are not currently receiving care.


Additional Q&A clarifications from OCDEL:

If a provider is closed and has been directed not to collect the copayment, is the Department making up the copay portion in payment to the provider?

The Department will not make up the copay portion of the payment. The Department will only pay the portion the Department usually pays.


What if a provider was open on Monday, March 16, prior to being ordered to close and already collected the copayment for the week?

If the provider provided service on Monday, the provider can keep the copayment. If the child was not scheduled to attend on Monday and the copayment was not due until later in the week, the provider should not collect the copayment. If the copayment was due on Monday and the family did not pay the copayment, the provider can report the delinquent copayment to the ELRC, but at this time, the ELRC will not send an Adverse Action Notice.

CCW Updates
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