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Our goal for this page is to provide accurate referrals to local community and state resources that can help the families within our region be  successful.  From food, to housing, to employment, to transportation, to childcare, we know that access to resources are essential for a families health and well-being.  so it is critical that the information you provide is up-to-date and sets them up for success – just as you would approach medical referrals. While providing accurate information on your community resources referrals is helpful, it is often not enough to successfully connect a client to needed resources. Gathering and tracking feedback from clients on the barriers they face when acting on a resource referral can help your organization establish more effective social needs screening and referral practices. This guide is meant to help healthcare and community-based organizations create and maintain high-quality resource listings for clients –including the steps these organizations can take to better understand and proactively address barriers to access.

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