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CSP Eligibility

  • Caregiver 55 years old or older caring for a child under age of 18.

  • Caregiver must assume primary responsibility for provision of care for child.

  • Caregiver must be relative through blood, marriage, or adoption.

  • CAN NOT be the biological child of the caregiver.

  • Caregiver has informal or legal relationship of custody. The caregiver can have custody, adoption, guardianship rights or just raising the child.

  • Caregiver and Care Receiver must live in same household.

  • Eligibility is based on household income, including anything the child may receive. (Ex. Child support, social security, etc.)

  • Household hold income must be less than 380% of income poverty guidelines.

  • Income Documentation

    • Household income documentation is required to begin the program and be provided annually.

    • Anybody over the age of 18 and lives in the home must have income considered in eligibility.

    • Income used is the previous calendar year unless there is a significant difference in household income this year that would make the Caregiver eligible for more reimbursement.

Caregiver Support Program


Significant life changes occur when a grandparent assumes care of a child. This transition can be challenging emotionally, legally, and financially. The Caregiver Support Program can help grandparents with basic needs like school supplies, clothing, and more!


Contact your local

Area Agency On Aging

for more information. 

Click below for your county.

The Process

  • Caregiver will pay for services or supplies and use state mandated forms.

  • Caregiver will provide proof of payment.

  • Forms are submitted to Care Manager by 15th of the following month.

  • Reimbursement checks are issued when Centre County Employees are paid so dates checks are issued can vary.

  • Caregiver is required to report to the Care Manager any financial changes in the household.

  • Caregiver is also required to report any changes in the Caregiver's relationship as that may cause ineligibility for the program.

  • An assessment will be performed every six months on the Caregiver. This assessment is called Caregiver Assessment Tool (CAT).

  • There is not an assessment of the child.

Funding Limitations

  • If 100% eligible, no more than $500.00 per month can be reimbursed.

  • Only 10% of consumer reimbursement can be used for grandparents caring for children or older adults with disabilities.

  • There is potential for waiting lists for services in the future if we continue to grow the program.

Potential Services / Supplies

  • Extra-Curricular / Recreation Activities 

  • School Supplies Seasonal Clothing

  • Baby Food/Formula

  • Incontinent Supplies

  • Over the County Medications (limit 2 per month)

*Not limited to these. If you have something not above contact Care Manager to see if reimbursement is possible.​

  • If there are insurances, programs, or other resources available to provide for the services and supplies, they must be utilized first.

  • The goal of CSP is to provide assistance to the Caregivers for supplies and services that there is not funding assistance available in doing so lessening the burden on the Caregiver.

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